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Summary: In which a new shop has opened up near the PPC, and everyone goes there.

In honor of Viola, with much love.


“I do hope Mickey’s okay,” Rose said to the Doctor. She sighed, and sipped at her carrot juice with extra sweetener. “I mean, they’re generally very good, and all, but…”

“You’re worried,” said the Doctor. His deep brown eyes gazed sympathetically at her.

“Of course I’m worried!” Rose replied. Her ears quivered slightly in frustration. “He’s my friend, Doctor.”

“I know,” said the Doctor. His eyes flicked back and forth, looking around the carrot juice shop. “I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

Rose sighed. “Yeah.” She nudged her carrot juice dish with her nose, and sighed again. “Yeah. ‘Course he will. Still.”

“Yeah,” said the Doctor. “Anyway. They should be done with him soon.”

That's once again true/for all except you! )
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T'Zar's Reassignment (Part 2)
Summary: Abaddon meets his new partner for the first time, and T’Zar is reintroduced. Set in March 2008.

A Meeting At Rudi's
Summary: In which T’Zar talks about her latest mission and Dawn is confused.

April Fool's Day Stories

Mission #1: 'Blade', or "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."
Summary: Agents Brenda Loringham and Charlie Shoe try their best not to kill each other while battling equipment failures and Laiqualassiel, the half-Elf, half-nymph healer of Middle-earth.
(Featuring cameos by agents Edgar and Dawn, over 3,000 words of silliness, and the story that wouldn’t end.)

Interlude - T'Zar's Reassignment (Part 1)
Summary: Reality falls apart as Agents Abaddon and T'Zar take the Reader’s TARDIS for a joyride (to Gallifrey!) The Reader follows with the Disentangler and the Agent.

The Carrot Juice Shop AU
Summary: In which a new shop has opened up near the PPC, and everyone goes there.


Permission Request
Featuring agent bios of Agents Brenda Loringham and Charlie Shoe, as well as a short list of badfics and the fourth chapter of parody fanfic Trees, GreenLeaves, T'reesa, and the Mary-Sues (includes note of context).


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