May. 18th, 2015

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A/N: Welcome, one and all, to this interlude! In it, we get to catch up a little with T’Zar, who you may remember from some of Tawaki’s missions. I’ve tried to stay true to his vision of her, of course, but I may have taken a liberty or two here and there…

(Disclaimers and so on will go up properly tomorrow. I do have Lily Winterwood’s permission to use the Disentangler and the Agent, though. And thank you very much to Lily and Karen, who helped me with some of the ideas in this interlude…)



“Abaddon.” T’Zar’s cool tones echoed around the console room until they reached her partner’s ears. “Are you certain you can fly this?”

“Yes! Sure!” Abaddon pulled out a mallet and carefully tapped one of the valves. Satisfied, he continued to dash around in a manner reminiscent of the Tenth Doctor…which was a little odd, as he greatly resembled the Eleventh. “Great TARDIS, we’ve been friends for ages, well, I say ages, but she does like me, really, don’t you?”

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March 2008 HST:

“I have two reasons for coming here,” said Tadkeeta. “One, to let you know I'm now working with Agent Eclectica.”

“Agent who?” asked Tawaki.

“Eclectica. A new recruit and a ripoff on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Eccentrica Galumbits.”

“Where is T'Zar?” asked Melpomene.

“Assigned to work with Agent—”


-Episode 16: Fighting Emotions, by Tawaki

If anyone had cared to take a closer look at one of PPC HQ’s corridors—you know the one, it forms a corner by the Big Thorn’s office on every odd Tuesday—they would have spotted the man.

He was a young man, really, or at least, he certainly seemed that way. He wore enough chains dangling from his black clothes (which were chiefly made of leather) to garrotte several elephants, and greatly resembled a quite blond, very content and exuberant Matt Smith—except, of course, when he was scowling. (The blondness remained no matter his expression…at least, under normal circumstances.) He was scowling now, and talking aloud in a pronounced Cockney accent as he dragged a large duffle bag down the corridor.

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Summary: In which T’Zar talks about her latest mission and Dawn is confused.


“Yes,” said Dawn McKenna slowly, “but what’s he actually like?”

“‘He’ has no pronouns,” T’Zar corrected her. The Vulcan was perfectly composed, of course, in sharp contrast to Dawn’s dishevelled hair and confusedly sceptical expression. “The agent is a species. Naruto-canon ninja, to be precise.”

Dawn stared, blinked, then stared some more. “Look, I…I don’t want to tell you not to be ridiculous, because I know you almost never are ridiculous, but…it’s…” She huffed and pushed her drink away. “T’Zar, ninjas aren’t a species.”

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